Artist: Vinny Cha$e
Lyrics of Artist: Vinny Cha$e
  1. [Lyric] Do My Own Thing (Vinny Cha$e)

    [Verse 1: Vinny Cha$e] I fuck with models who model for Vogue Italia We both got bitches, my bitches a different caliber Vinny Chase known for doing his own thing The gold rollie niggas know it's hoes that the dough bring They wanna fuck with you cuz they're used to the Versace And the shit that I provide get them high, smokin' souie Funny,...Learn More
    rapVinny Cha$e
  2. [Lyric] Boost The $ales (Vinny Cha$e)

    [Verse 1: Vinny Cha$e] The lack of money make a nigga furious Cops pull a nigga over, check him, see who he is As I'm cruising in my six speed Weed rolled up, Vinny chiefs on the best weed The best furniture, 30 thou for the furniture Sitting in the back, Maybach with the curtains up Pants sagging, stacks in my back pockets How I get it cause I rap...Learn More
    rapVinny Cha$e