Song: Do My Own Thing
Artist:  Vinny Cha$e
Year: 2012
Viewed: 34 - Published at: 8 months ago

[Verse 1: Vinny Cha$e]
I fuck with models who model for Vogue Italia
We both got bitches, my bitches a different caliber
Vinny Chase known for doing his own thing
The gold rollie niggas know it's hoes that the dough bring
They wanna fuck with you cuz they're used to the Versace
And the shit that I provide get them high, smokin' souie
Funny, champagne make 'em forget that they was mad
When they're really pissed off just throw her another bag
I let the best clothes cover your chest
It's V Chase, yes, why not fuck with the best
Correct, that Bottega Veneta you get it on the arm
Don P hat, Don C gotta couple cars
You better hold onto what I'm buying you
Cuz when I die bet price rise, I'm valuable
Don't be mad if your shorty upset
And I send her back happy, courtesy of rough sex

[Hook - Groove Theory]
I been doing my own thing
Love has always had a way of having bad timing
To my great surprise, ever since I looked in your eyes
I had one question for you
Tell me if you want me to
Give you all my time
I wanna make it good for you
Cause you blow my mind
I promise, boy, that I'll be true
You're the perfect find
So tell me if you want me too, yeah
[Verse 2: L.Hudson]
Now I adore women and women they do adore me
Make her do Donna Karan and Donatella Versace
We smoke Donatello, that purple and green weed
Top floor at the Waldorf where all the stars eat
Lifestyle, room service be a common thing
Street nigga go on broads like a wedding ring
I make the pussy lips sing, Milli and Vanilla
Girl you know it's true, that's why you fucking feel me
Truth be told when I'm in, it I'm in the zone
On my Running back shit the way I'm hitting the hole
I'm in it to make you moan, curling them french toes
I'm hitting every wall like I'm checking asbestos
Gold bottles, more spades than a house of cards
Fucking with her, that type of shit'll get you far
Velvet rope tour, welcome to my culture
Shit I do my own thing like a man suppose to


( Vinny Cha$e )