Song: Cant Knock the Hustle Remix
Artist:  JAY-Z
Year: 2010
Viewed: 46 - Published at: 6 years ago


[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
We about to change this game here
Check my pockets ain't nothing but game there
I remain without fear
Keep the lames clear, and the cats that's all about scrap remain here
On top of this Metropolis
My name is like a square
Dropped off every tier
Now y'all can swear to Jay
Heard it the other day
Through the mystery, we get it swiftly
We got to hit you every night before we hit the lights it's type addictive
Need cash to live with, the beat goes on
Everyday is a hustle, the heat grows on
Funny thing happen, in the midst of chasing money and foes
And the worst thing worst than getting old is not getting old
Niggas stay low, like six-fours of shit and gold
And watch the hoes with form fitting clothes
And I hope they shine
Seen a lot of things and enough memories to last me two lifetimes
Can't knock the hustle
I'm taking out this time
To give you a piece of my mind
Who do you think you are
Baby one day you'll be a star

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Check this
In a mans world need a girl to tough something
Pull an 80 out her Anne Klein purse and bust something
If you skating through the night to the light, then trust something
When I get home
Then it's on
Girl just crack those shaped legs like Grade A eggs
Love the way you behave and beg
Moan, turn those hollers to screams as we zone like a college team
Then they can hear you from Hollis, Queens (226)
Life with me, consists of a lot of things
Chicks in your ear hit the dirt cause you got hotter things
But you know how to scream, friends talking dizziness
Remind them freak chicks to stay out my business
You know they can't love it, trips to LA with no luggage
Came back with six bags struggling
In first class if my ass should crash, champagne spilled on me
Bank still off on me
[Hook - Meli'sa Morgan]
But until the last day, I'm the one who's crazy
Cause that's the way you making me feel (can't knock the hustle)
I don't want no romance, I just want the chance
Can't knock the hustle for real

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Ever since you retired, working alongside of live wires
In this rap biz with fake nigs, you know liars
I guess I'm biased, what I talk about I live
These rap dudes can flip, but some of them ain't even rapping for chips
What part of the game is this?
Seems brainless, on tours like whores guess what I'm saying I meant
Cats that go all out for their gold plaques
Started with four jacks, ended up with Gold Ac's
Bet your lungs collapse if my funds get trapped
On the weight of me through you, screw you
Gun blew you, out of one then two shoes
Run through you like UH, EXCUSE YOU!
But that's my cash, I understand you hustle
That's my cash, you don't understand
Let my dough pass, you can show it love
Like a rap star in front of the club
But don't knock the hustle


( JAY-Z )