Song: Dip-Set Forever
Artist:  Cam'ron
Year: 2004
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Let's do it!
Santana, Jim Jones, Killa, Freekey
How long we gon' have this shit on lock, man?
Yes sir, you gave me the right track Kanye

[Verse 1]
Listen, I been coppin' them P's and
Maybe that's part of the reason
I feel like a boxer: bobbin' and weavin'
But I'm gettin' head, she's bobbin' her weave and (yes sir)
I'm grabbin' her neck to stop her from breathin'
I'ma wild out until I part with my breathin'
Until I'm sparked up and leakin', part of the cement
I need somethin' pure, like from the Garden of Eden (why?)
Wouldn't mind makin' her part of my achievements (what happened)
'Cause when music discourage my pride (who was there?)
Zeek, the only one with courage to ride
The ride's so dirty inside, seems like we were playin' in mud
Hazin' it up, grams, gauge and a snub
Who ill? A check for two mil'
And a cheap case, defaced, blue steel, true skills
I got stories that my soul can sing
Flip water like Poland Spring and I'ma hold them things
That's right y'all
Diplomats y'all, we here
Forever, yea-yeah
That's forever, man

[Verse 2]
Look, talk to 'em
Look, my fella said you been coppin' a lot
Latest caper? Propellers on top of the drop
But fuck it, who ever thought I would rock at the Roc? (Killa!)
Top a top on top of the top
But yo - nothing definite, I chop up the rocks
And I stop up the drop, Blocka Blocka the block
Hello mate, yellow tape, helicopter your spot
What you wanted is not what you got
And I pop up them cops
'Cause dog, it ain't about Cam (it ain't about me)
I got a son homeboy, it's about Cam (for that?)
It's about being 'bout It
If you're not, you're ass backwards
My mathematics cause cash matters (that's important)
Little niggas need to sit up and breathe
If the town too hot, get up and leave
Niggas always got a trick up their sleeve (always)
Nigga like me - I always got a brick up my sleeve
And that's for-e-ver, Killa!
Jim Jones, Freekey, Santana, we here, we here
Forever, yea-yeah
I got it Guru (let's wrap it up man)

[Verse 3]
Shit, I was two blocks from coppin' dust
I used to hop the bus
Now look dog, ain't nobody hot as us
Girls, they gotta rush, shit, they gotta blush
Wanna go in the mall just to shop with us
To how they piss and, bitch, how they ran a mile
Fuck Killa Cam, they in love with Cameron Giles
Damn, I gotta smile, hundred grand, I demand it
Goddamn it, the boy the boy done done it, child
And that's forever, man

You hear it, uh huh
We here, I love y'all man
It's nothing boy
Dash, Hoffa, Young Guru
What's really good?
Holla at your boy
I might have this shit on lock man
Kanye, Harlem, Chicago, Columbus - holla
Chicago, you have your own Kanye West on the track
Harlem, you know who the fuck I am - Killa!
We just want you's to know Diplomats is here
We ain't going nowhere
Holla at the boy-boy, let's ride out man

( Cam'ron )