Song: Duppy
Year: 2012
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I got a sore throat but you know what is
[Verse 1]
Fuck that crew and anybody that loves them taking shots at GT that's reckless we sending shots back like Phew Phew and I'mma put my name on the bullets so you know who it is it's KCB it's KCB let that make ya body shake hit the ground call that a earthquake make all ya moms have a motherfucking heart attack make yall go to sleep like the bitches you are rock a bye baby like I was Mabel Simmons aka Madea I can do bad all by my self first we come out with a fashion label and then you do too way to copy our idea yall mans homo and wack you guys take it up the ass fuck around get gonorrhea you addicted to the bootay call that but crack keep it on the low out here rico ain't a G what does the G stand for boy Gay? what does the E stand for shorty emo ? and fuck Joel that nigga look like he's a mongoloid durr durr durr retard bitch ass nigga boss nigga lame claim he from New York fuck outta here son you must have meant Newark Jersey Do you ever take off that vest it must be real smelly done fucking killing yall boys left white sauce on the upper lip and on ya belly yall some eat the box type niggas let's be real my cereal box gets more pussy then all yall niggas hit yall all in the face and the jaw watch yall pop a wheelie weeeeeeeeeeee don't ever fuck with GT we will rape you on the wax Jerry Sandusky your gonna take this D turn all ya career into debris we see through yall duppy GT we rap kings same cloth of Louie V , Henry V, and Biggie
Gun to the sky bla bla Pow !!

( Kodey Cornell Baker )