Song: Twas the Night Before Christmas
Artist:  Damani Nkosi
Year: 2008
Viewed: 42 - Published at: 6 years ago

[Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg]
T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the hood
Ain't shit that was stirring:
Nope, it was all good
The stocking was hung on my big fat dick
We was hoping to get some of that good shit
From old jolly Saint Nick
The children were snuggled up, sleeping in bed
My bitch on my jock, giving holiday head
When outside my crib there rolled such a clatter
I stuck my head out and yelled "What tha fuck is the matter?!"
Then a fat, red pimp got out of his ride
It was perfectly clear he was from the North Side
"Yo Santa what's up? Did you bring me some chronic?"
And Tanqueray gin I can mix with my tonic?
He said "ho, ho, ho" and opened his sack
It was stuffed full of indo, had to take a step back
"Is this for the Dogg? Did you bring this for me?
To blaze with my hoes and my closest homies?"
He just nodded his head, his eyes about shut
It was then that I knew that Saint Nick was fucked up
He ate all my motherfuckin' cookies
I left on the plate
Then he went to the fridge
And he ate, and he ate, and that fat motherfucka ate
And when he was done
When the cupboard was bare
He packed his shit up and got outta there
"Good night Doggy Dogg!" he said from the sky
"Merry Christmas to all you motherfuckers
And to all a good high"
Merry Christmas
From the Dogg Pound
And everybody have a happy new year, ho ho ho
(Why you laugh, dog?)
(You made a nigga laugh)

( Damani Nkosi )