Song: Spend the Night
Artist:  Cam'ron
Year: 2009
Viewed: 47 - Published at: 9 years ago

[Produced by Araabmuzik]

[Verse 1]
Some girls say that I'm the cutest, others say I'm the rudest
Meditate like a Buddhist expose em like a nudist
I'm Jesus, they Judas, my diamonds: the bluest
Got the answers, they clueless, Ashanti-foolish
I'm with a stewardess, mami say a "flight attendant"
Called her a "stupid bitch". Sorry? Nah, I might have meant it
See I'm type: demented. 4 mil? I might have spent it
But I got It back right back, yeah yeah my life is splendid
Me and mommy drinking, drinking to the point she hurls
I'm bout to swirl the whirl-whirl, want to join me girl?
The clothes: from Italy, the coat: from Sicily
I'm talking literally, (c'mon now stop kidding me)
I don't kid at all, I get it all, get rid of it all
Come and stay with me, oh, where I live? The mall
Banker banker, dealership, and the rim shop
You know who him, slim, before MIMS I been hot

Baby come and play and lay and
Stay with me, girlfriend I'll change your life
Spend the night with me, we'll talk and
Chill and watch TV she said (sure you're right)
[Verse 2]
Miami, listening to Brisco, I get it cooking like Crisco
From Chi town back to Frisco, my diamonds like the disco
Mami what the hell you like, you know what the hell I like
A hood bitch, stretch marks, beaty beat, cellulite
Baby we need each other, don't want to meet your mother
My mouth is like the sewer, yeah yeah I keep it gutter
I sell hot peas and butter, don't want to see you suffer
A nigga like me, won't meet another, you clogged up, I'll be your plumber
Sorta like know how the game goes
Different color cars, my garage a rainbow
I'm a leprechaun, but I sell Meth-a-don
Mari-juan, hero-on, ten year run, marathon
My hood like Lebanon, but that's its Benneton
You up in something fly, I got my weapon on
We get our chefin on, chefin on everyday
I got the cookie-cutter, mami the pepper spray


[Verse 3]
Lets get this guacamole, you feeling hot then hold me
You had your guard up at first like a soccer goalie
If I got it you get it, baby I get it you got it
Lets hit the Pacific, terrific, I'm feeling melodic
Cause you looking exotic, now you getting erotic
Like you straight from the tropics, want to shoot it and cock it
Not the Glamour, baby girl, I'm talking something else
All she do is look and say "Cam, you something else"
Listen love I ain't the one to get lovey-dovey
But you looking good you ever need a hubby love me
You got to love me shots of bubbly
Get your mouth wet, you the outlet, got to plug me

( Cam'ron )