Song: Dont Sweat the Technique
Year: 1992
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Don't sweat the technique
Don't sweat the technique

[Verse 1]
Let's trace the hits and check the file
Let's see who bit to detect the style
I flip the script so they can't get foul
At least not now, it'll take a while
I change the pace to complete the beat
I drop the bass 'til MCs get weak
For every word they trace, it's a scar they keep
'Cause when I speak, they freak to sweat the technique
I made my debut in '86
With a melody and a President's mix
And now I stay on target and refuse to miss
And I still make hits with beats
Parties, clubs, in the cars and jeeps
My underground sound vibrates the streets
MCs wanna beef, then I play for keeps
When they sweat the technique
Don't sweat the technique
Don't sweat the technique

[Verse 2]
They wanna know how many rhymes have I ripped and wrecked
But researchers never found all the pieces yet
Scientists try to solve the context
Philosophers are wondering what's next
Pieces are took to labs to observe 'em
They couldn't absorb 'em, they didn't deserve 'em
My ideas are only for the audience's ears
For my opponents, it might take years
Pencils and pens are swords
Letters put together from a key to chords
I'm also a sculpture, formed with structure
Because of my culture, I'm equipped to construct the
Technical styles that'll be full of technology
Complete sights and new heights after I get deep
You don't have to speak, just seek
And peep the technique

Never sweat the technique

[Verse 3]
I speak indiscreet 'cause talk is cheap
Then I get deep in the beat then complete the
Poem's physique, never weak or obsolete
They never grow old, techniques become antiques
Better then something brand new 'cause it's real
And in a while the style’ll have much more value
Classical, too intelligent to be radical
Masterful, never irrelevant, mathematical
Here's some soothing souvenirs
For all the years, you fought and sought the thoughts and ideas
It's cool when you freak to the beat
But don't sweat the technique
Never sweat the technique
Don't sweat the technique
Don't sweat the technique

( Eric B. & Rakim )